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For over a decade, we have been providing the Salt Lake area with affordable, reliable, and professional tow truck services. Wrecker service is very much an umbrella term we use that should highlight all of our tow trucking services here in Salt Lake. Whenever, if ever, you’re in an accident or your vehicle is stuck in snow, mud, or sand, a wrecker tow truck is needed to help you retrieve your car safely. Meaning, that whether you’re looking for a service to move your vehicle from an accident or looking for us to move it out of a spot where it has become stuck, we are the company you’re looking for!

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    Why Use a Wrecker Service?

    Sometimes, when our cars or trucks get stuck in mud, sand, snow, or holes we want to figure out how to remove the vehicle ourselves; however, trying to remove a vehicle yourself from a difficult situation can potentially put you and anyone you ask for help from in serious and immediate danger! You can also just make the situation worse, so, why should you call us?

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    Reliable & Immediate

    Our services are not exclusively for destroyed or unmovable vehicles, we offer services for all possible situations, for example, fuel needs, jump-starts, tire changes, and lock-out services. No matter the problem you’re facing, our team will not let you face it alone. Don’t hesitate to call us today to learn more.

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    Affordable & Dependable

    Our low-end prices simply mean we are in this business to help! We want our clients to feel not only at ease but to feel trust when they know we are taking care of their vehicle. We understand that calling a tow truck company means you are vulnerable, and we are not here to take advantage of that detail. We will be there when we’re called, and we will see you through our services to the end without hidden costs or fees.

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    Professional Assistance

    Sometimes, all you need is some minor help, but it is something that you cannot do alone or maybe it is dark! Our trained professionals will be at your side quickly for tire changes, quick fuel delivery, or even just towing your vehicle to an auto shop. We know that something minor can become catastrophic without the proper help and so we perform our duties to the very end.

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    Tow Truck Salt Lake City Services

    Professional and reliable services can be found here!

    We are simply not in the business of taking advantage of our clients during their vulnerable states of being. Call us to get trusted and affordable care with your vehicle.

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    Professional Services

    When having your vehicle maintenance done, in any way, you do not want just anyone working on it. That is the same concept for wrecker tow truck services. Our team is highly trained in equipment, customer service, and property management. We provide wrecker services that will keep you happy and will keep you and your vehicle safe.


    We know! Not something most people consider; however, the increasing burden of landfills creates an increased need for change and alternatives. Wrecker trucks can aid you in your greener experience by taking your totaled vehicle to junkyards. Having the vehicle used for parts eliminates accumulating wastes and helps maintain a greener world. Our wrecker trucks can help transport your vehicle to a junkyard where its parts will be used wisely.

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    Quick Responders

    When an accident happens, traffic can build up, but it isn’t always caused by slowing bystanders. Having a company that is dedicated to responding quickly to your needs can help get you home quickly and safely without causing a scene. A wrecker service, in this situation, is the truck you need to come to your rescue, and we have plenty of them!

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    Tow Truck Services here in Salt Lake

    It is important to understand that a tow truck is not always for a crashed or damaged vehicle! Sometimes we forget our keys inside of the car, sometimes we don’t stop for gas on time, and other times we have a difficult time noticing what we ran over on the road that caused our tire to pop! Whatever your precarious situation is, we can help, and we will be sure to be quick and efficient about the entire process. Do not wait or hesitate to call our professionals to learn more.

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    Source of Income

    When it comes to taking a vehicle to the junkyard, the only responsible way to do so is by calling a wrecker company that has the appropriate truck. Taking your undrivable car to the junkyard provides you with a source of income for its parts! You aren’t just throwing your car into a car cemetery; you are earning some cash back for it but the only way to get your vehicle there is through a wrecker towing truck company.

      Wrecker Services

      What does a true wrecker service mean? Calling for a wrecker service for your vehicle means the vehicle can no longer be moved without proper and professional assistance. Sometimes, immobile vehicles are caused by accidents, vehicles being stuck in mud, snow, or sand, and more. Our wrecker services are designed to help our clients in any situation they are in, so if you’re stuck for any reason, give us a call because we can and we will help!

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      Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

      Have our professionals meet you whenever and wherever. We are here to offer and supply all of our clients with affordable services.

      Preferred Services

      We offer an array of different services! All preferred by the citizens of Salt Lake City because they are affordable and reliable.

      A+ Ratings

      Our team is reliable, knowledgeable, and affordable. We will take care of you and your vehicle. 


       Don’t trust just anyone with your car, call the professionals, and let us show you why we are extensively trained and certified to care for you.

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      Wrecker Services in Salt Lake City

      For over 10 years our company has been servicing Salt Lake City residents and we have no plans on stopping. We offer affordable tow truck services to all of our clients and we will ensure that the job is always properly done. Having us on your speed dial will ensure you save time, money, and resources whenever you’re in need. Choose us, it’s easy.