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Licensed, Bonded & Insured

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24 Hour Towing Service

Towing Service The Greater Salt Lake Area.

Towing Salt Lake City and Surrounding Areas.

Friendly, Trusted, Fast & Reliable Tow Truck Company.

We understand having a car towed is less than a fun predicament, but with our 24-hour towing services, we hope to make the situation less painful. We have 16 years of licensed, bonded, and insured towing experience in Salt Lake City.

Whether in the heart of downtown or outside the Salt Lake City metro region, we are happy to help and get you towed to the right destination.


Licensed, Bonded, Insured DOT # 3433173.


More Than 16 Years In Towing Business.


Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.

Our Towing Services

We are Happy to Help & Get You Towed to The Right Destination.


When the unexpected happens, we welcome you to call us for various towing services. The safety of your vehicle is important to us, which is why we take tremendous care of both you and your car. We are here to help protect your investment whether we are towing a car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle.


We are a highly skilled team with the best towing equipment designed specifically to handle recovery efforts. We can respond in an emergency situation and get your vehicle cleared from the scene quickly and safely. This is why we are a 24-hour team and deliver exceptional service when customers truly need us.

Roadside Assistance

There are few things worse than being stranded on the road with a broken-down vehicle. This is even worse during Winter months here in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. No matter what the issue might be, collision, mechanical, electrical, or the like, call us now and let us respond to your situation fast.

Lockout Services

Everyone does it at some point, they lock their keys in the car, and it usually happens on the worst possible day. Let us help change the course of your day and get you back into your car without any damage. We are quick and have teams standing by.

Jump Start

When you’re late for something, there is nothing worse than having a car that won’t start. Let us come to you as quickly as possible to give you a jump start so you can salvage the rest of your day. If we can’t get you jumped for some reason, we are happy to get you towed the right place.

Tire Change

One of the more dangerous situations that happen on our roadways is flat tires. While you may know how to fix your flat, we encourage you to stay safe in your car and let us come and get you back on the road. This is especially true if you have kids in the car.

Fuel Delivery

Sometimes we get a little overconfident in our vehicle’s ability to make it just one or two more miles to the gas station. We’ve all played that game. If you’ve lost this round, we are happy to deliver fuel so you’re not left walking a couple of miles and having to abandon your vehicle.


For our business and law enforcement partners, we offer impound services for vehicles that have overstayed their welcome on some kind of property. We can act quickly to ensure your business isn’t inconvenienced for too long and you can get back to business faster.

Wrecker Service

For both private and law enforcement partners, we are happy to provide wrecking services with our exceptional fleet and trained professionals. We understand these services are often needed in an expedited manner and we’re here to respond fast to help clear a scene.

Save Money & Learn About Your Vehicle at the Same Time.
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Salt Lake Towing Achievements

We understand having a car towed is less than a fun predicament, but with our 24-hour towing services we hope to make the situation a little less painful.


Happy Customers


Years Experience


Vehicle towed

$2 Mil.

Insurance Coverage

Towing for the Greater
Salt Lake Valley.

Check to see how long the company has been in business, for example, we have been towing vehicles in Salt Lake City for 16-years.

  • Kearns
  • Murray
  • West Jordan
  • Kimbal Junction
  • South Jordan
  • Magna
  • Sandy
  • Draper
  • Taylorsville
  • Cottonwood Heights
  • Riverton
  • Daybreak
  • Herriman
  • Salt Lake City

We are Happy To Help Near these Ski Areas.

Call Now & Let Us Come Help You Out of Your Predicament.

Locals and visitors come to Salt Lake City to enjoy our area ski resorts, and for good reason, they are exceptional. But when the weather gets bad, or a driver challenges a snow berm, sometimes we lose against Mother Nature. While frustrating, we are here to get you out of the situation as quickly as possible. Are you stuck in the snow?

Did someone leave an interior light on before hitting the slopes and now you have a dead battery? Maybe you lost a battle with a snow berm. We’ve all been there.

Who Do We Service

We are Happy To Help & Get You Towed To The Right Destination.


For our fellow locals who need exceptional towing or basic car assistance needs. We service Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.


We love working with our fellow Salt Lake City business community. Let us help with impound, wrecker, and other towing services.


We serve apartment management clients when they need towing services to protect their properties. Call Salt Lake towing for your help.


Homeowner associations work with us to clear unwanted vehicles from their neighborhoods, or those that may have been abandoned there.


Our industrial business partners have various needs when it comes to towing and clearing vehicles on their properties.

Motorcycle Towing

Motorcycles can be a little finicky. Whether yours is just acting up again or you’ve had an unfortunate accident, call us today so we can assist.

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Apartments & HOAs.

Apartment complexes and HOAs have a unique hurdle when it comes to making sure renters and residents abide by parking guidelines. We also know this is often a contentious situation and you may need a fast and reliable service partner to get your property back in compliance. We are happy to get your issue resolved by offering towing and removal services as inconspicuously as possible so as not to disturb other residents. We know how frustrating this is for property management and we are happy to assist.

If we need to also work with local law enforcement to have the car impounded, we often work with police and sheriff officer partners. If your requests to get cars removed have gone ignored by residents, let’s stop the frustration and restore your property’s parking requirements.

24 Hour Towing Service

There are plenty of reasons why we leave the light on for towing services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You just never know when you’ll find yourself in a vehicle predicament or emergency, and we don’t want our clients feeling stranded or in danger. We ensure our locals have a trusted towing company in Salt Lake City they can rely on when their vehicle has let them down or if they’re in an emergency situation.

We have a team standing by the phone no matter what day of the week it is, or what crazy hour it might be. Accidents and breakdowns happen at all times of the day, and it’s our job they impact you as little as possible. This is equally the case for our business partners who need all-hour services around the clock. There is nothing worse than having unwanted cars in your parking lot that don’t belong or that are violating your parking signs.

Why Choose Us?

Towing Services On Duty 7 Days A Week 24 Hours Available.

Affordable Prices

We provide affordable towing services without sacrificing quality. Cheap towing is a phone call away.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

With $2,000,000 in insurance coverage, you will be safe with us. Department of Transportation # 3433173

Fast Towing Service

We have a network of drivers that are always nearby resulting in quick towing and happy customers.

Professional Trucks and Drivers

All of our drivers are licensed, friendly and professional. We use the latest greats equipment.

16+ Years of Experience

For more than 16 years we have been the customer’s choice for Salt Lake City towing services.

Top Rated Towing Company

We have earned our reviews through a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our Certified Technicians Will Come To You Wherever You Are And Get Your Vehicle Back On The Road Quickly

Our Proposal

Tips & Tricks For Your
Car Towing Service.

For the past 16 years, Tow Truck Salt Lake has created a reputation of excellence through great customer service and affordable towing.

We are standing by ready to help you with any of your towing needs. Call for a free estimate.

How much is a tow?

We are often asked, “How much is a tow going to cost?” While we would love to give you a flat fee rate, this is handled on a case-by-case basis. We will factor in various things such as where you are located and where we are taking the vehicle. We will also need to know what kind of vehicle you have, a small car is a different kind of tow vs. a large utility truck. Another factor that impact the cost is the equipment we need to get you towed. If you’re on the side of the road, that will be priced differently than if you’ve found your car at the bottom of a ditch. So, as you can see towing costs can vary widely, so for the most accurate price, we invite you to give us a call so we can get you a quote fast.

What to look for in a tow truck company?

We care tremendously for our fellow residents and businesses. After all, we work and live right alongside you in the same community. There is such a thing as a poor towing company and we thought it would be helpful to know what makes a towing company legitimate. We suggest making sure the company has a DOT number which you can ask for, to ensure they are holding the right licenses and bonds to be working in the state.

You’ll also want to know whether or not the towing company is fully insured. This is important because if something happens to your car while it is being picked up or towed, you want to be covered for any damages that may come into play. Check to see how long the company has been in business, for example, we have been towing vehicles in Salt Lake City for 16 years. Finally, seek out online reviews for the company you are looking to hire. People are very forthcoming about their interactions with businesses and are usually quick to share their poor experiences with others.

Check These:



  • DOT# Displayed
  • Experience



  • License, Bonded, Insured
  • Reviews