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Get an Emergency Tow

If you are currently stranded and need assistance quickly, we can help. We suggest making sure you know where you are and be ready to describe what kind of emergency you’re dealing with. We understand you might be in an upsetting situation and it’s our goal to get there as soon as possible to offer the support you need. We can also speak to law enforcement if you are unsure about what kind of services you need. What we need from you:

Your location and the closest cross street
A description of what type of emergency you’re dealing with
A description of your vehicle, make and model
The desired location you’d like us to take your vehicle


Towing Services for Weather Events

Weather is not just unpredictable, but also dangerous when trying to get your car or truck to safety. Our crews are skilled at handling various weather towing situations. Read more below.

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Motorists sometimes misjudge water levels when heavy rain or over-run rivers flood. A stranded vehicle in flood water can be dangerous. If you can alert us to your situation, we can likely help unless the situation is too dangerous. Sometimes a deep puddle can even throw our vehicle into a stalled fit. Call us today to have us haul you out. 

  • Emergency towing for high water due to storm and rain events.
  • Stranded vehicles caught in the pathway of over-run rivers or creeks. 
  • High water on the property makes it impossible to move your car. 

Snow and Ice

Snow and ice can often send our cars into snow berms or slide-offs into nearby ditches. These events leave your vehicle in vulnerable positions, with some needing wrecking services. Whether we need to haul you out, or physically take your car to be serviced, we are here to assist. We are licensed and bonded to handle these kinds of predicaments, so your car will be in good hands. If you have slid off the road, be sure to let us know the position of your vehicle so we bring the right truck for the job. 

  • Emergency towing for snow or ice slide-offs or those stuck in the snow. 
  • Wrecking services for cars in accidents due to weather. 
  • 24-hour emergency wrecking service due to weather.
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Broken Down in a Storm

We can also assist you if you are simply experiencing car trouble in a storm. The last thing we want is for you to be in a low-visibility situation with other traffic. There is no predicting when your car will break down, and sometimes that is in the middle of a weather event. We are skilled at recovery in severe weather and can get you to safety. 

  • Severe weather event towing services
  • Emergency roadside assistance during unpredictable weather situations.
  • Be sure to let us know where we can take your car or truck.

Emergency Towing – Contact Us Now

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Emergency Services with Skilled Crews

Are you stranded right now? We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us now to get immediate support from a licensed and insured company.

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Emergency Commercial Towing

We support clients from the business community with towing needs. Businesses faced with illegally parked vehicles are a pain for you and your customers. Call us now to get your business back up and running fast with as little conflict as possible.

  • Emergency business towing services
  • Emergency restaurant and retail towing options
  • Fast and discrete emergency towing service

Emergency Industrial Towing

Our industrial business partners typically need towing services for unauthorized vehicles or broken-down equipment. Your business needs to work as efficiently as you do. We remove vehicles or equipment keeping you from daily operations or haul you to the proper repair places. We are ready to support your business.

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Emergency Event Towing

One of the most common emergency services we get calls for is during events. Unfortunately, drivers tend to make their own parking accommodations when attending local events. We remove vehicles safely, even in emergency situations. We can also work with law enforcement to handle this task if needed.

More Emergency Towing Services for Businesses

Multi-Resident Complexes, Apartments, and HOAs

We offer emergency towing options for our resident-focused business partners. Apartment complexes often need cars removed due to disturbances or evictions with abandoned vehicles. We can assist management in maintaining order by removing these cars or trucks quickly and discretely. 

Property owners also alert their HOAs about unwanted vehicles or those that are abandoned or blocking roadways. We will work with the HOA to have these vehicles towed so residents feel confident in their HOA management team. Illegal or non-permitted cars and trucks are nuisances and diminish daily life for residents.

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Law Enforcement

We are happy to work with local law enforcement agencies for various services. We support their efforts by providing wrecking, towing, or emergency vehicle response. Our crews are staffed with skilled professionals and our trucks are the best in the business. Whether we are responding to an emergency scene or helping law enforcement maintain order, we are ready to lend a hand.   

  • Local Police Officers
  • Highway Patrol
  • Fire Rescue
  • Law Enforcement Investigators
  • Local Sherrif
  • Parks and Recreation Law Enforcement

Government Agencies

We will also work with city, county, and federal agencies as needed. When emergencies strike, our teams are standing by to offer vehicle and wrecking services to support government agencies in doing their work. Our skilled crews can help investigative teams by transporting cars so they can be processed in crime scene situations. 

  • Emergency towing for government offices and agencies
  • Investigative towing services for emergency events that have taken place. 
  • Transport for wrecking after emergency responders have released vehicles.
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Licensed, Bonded and Insured

It is crucial you work with a company that is capable and state-designated to handle your emergency towing needs.

Affordable Emergency Towing

We remain a leader in the best pricing according to the level of service we offer our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

We have impressive ratings from customers who trust us with their means of transportation.

24/7 Emergency Towing

We are open around the clock because emergencies happen any day of the week and at all hours of the day.

Working With Our Emergency Towing Company

Fuel Delivery Services

We have been called to many different types of emergencies, and each time, we respond with care and appropriate concern. No matter what type of emergency you find yourself in, we will bring the right truck and crew to your location. Here are just a few additional reasons to work with our team.