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Jump Start Services

Don’t get stranded with no one around! Give Tow Truck Salt Lake a call to get you jump-started and back on your way. It can be frustrating to get in the car, turn the key, and the ignition just doesn’t cooperate. There are many different reasons your car may need a jump start, such as:

A dead or weak battery
Dead starter
Failing alternator
Dirty spark plugs


Common Problems That Cause You To Need A Jump Start

Many factors can happen to the vehicle that can cause you to need a jump start. Our professionals are ready to come to you to help with these issues. Although some are more common than others, we’ll explore how you may need a jump start. Some issues can be a one-time deal; others require a garage visit.

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Dead or Weak Battery

There are countless reasons your battery could be dead or at least weakened. Maybe you have some kids that turned the inside lights on or left a door slightly open, you could’ve left the trunk ajar while getting groceries, or maybe it’s just time for a new battery. Like everything else, the battery of your car won’t last forever and generally only lasts around 3-4 years before needing replacement. There are circumstances where a jump start fixes the problem for a while before you need to replace the battery completely.

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Dead Starter

When you get ready for the day and head out to your car, it can be shocking if it doesn’t start. The funny thing about cars is that they can work the day before and quickly develop a problem. A malfunctioning starter can be the culprit of your car not starting up. When your starter goes out, you can generally look for clues that it is a problem, like a grinding noise. If it is silent, it could be that the starter or ignition switch is completely dead.

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Alternator Failure

Having an alternator going bad can be a tricky thing to diagnose. With alternator problems, your car will stall out as if the battery died. This is because a bad alternator will prevent the battery from charging. Even if the alternator itself isn’t bad, an alternator belt has the same effect as preventing battery charge. To help recognize this as the reason for your no-start, it may be associated with a warning light on your dashboard. This issue needs to be resolved as it will cause many stalls until it is fixed.

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Reliable, Professional, Reliable Jump Start Services

Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote for all your jump-start needs. We can come to you any time day or night to get you back on the road. Contact us at any time to receive a quote or schedule a service.

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Jump Start At Home

When you wake up in the morning, nothing can damper your day more than walking out to your car and realizing it won’t start. Any number of things may have happened to cause your engine not to start, but when it happens, know that we’ve got you covered. We will come to your home and jump-start your car to carry on doing the things you need to do. We offer affordable rates to fit your budget!

Jump Start At The Store

Things may be running smoothly when you arrive at the store, and when you come out, out of nowhere, your car may not start! Maybe the door didn’t close completely, and the battery is dead, no matter the situation, Tow Truck Salt Lake can help! We can come to the store and give you a jump start to get home and have a great day. Maybe there are groceries in the car getting warm, or the kids are going crazy, we’ll get you back on the road!

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Everything In Between

A jump start isn’t just needed for a parked car, but a running one can become parked quickly and require one. One minute you’re driving down the road and all of a sudden you’re pulling to the side of the road with a dead car. It could be any amount of things like a dead battery or a faulty alternator. We can come anytime or at night, no matter where you’ve broken down, and given you a jump start.

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What to Do In Case You Break Down

You can need a jump start anytime, anywhere. There are a few steps to take to ensure you’re safe while waiting for us to arrive for your jump-start. If you happen to be driving on the road while your car dies, do your best to get off of the roadway so that passing traffic can come through without being held up. Besides holding up traffic, staying on the road can pose a hazard to you and other drivers as someone could rear-end your vehicle, especially if it happens at night. Once you’re off the main road, give us a call, and we will be right out to you! We come to you anytime or at night to give you a jump start and get you going again.

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Frozen Fuel Line

Snow can be beautiful when falling to the ground and lying over the landscape like a silk blanket that looks serene. As wonderful of a scene as that creates, it isn’t always the same for your car. Freezing temperatures can lead to freezing fuel lines. This is mostly seen in colder areas or seasons, but there are things to do. Condensation from the fuel tank can freeze, causing many issues, including no-starts. Keeping your tank at least half full and using certain fuel additives can help prevent this.

Dirty or Old Spark Plugs

Spark plugs can be the source of many different problems. Your car can start to catch and run less than efficiently when the spark plugs give way. Typically, in a routine tune-up, the spark plugs are changed. It is recommended to change your spark plugs every 100,000 miles. Spark plugs are important for igniting the fuel in the car’s combustion chamber, and your car won’t start without it. If the spark plugs are dirty or old, you may need a jump start.

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At Tow Truck Salt Lake, we are committed to providing you with quality care for all your jump-start needs. We ensure that you are safe and well cared for when your emergency occurs. We offer affordable rates to you so your jump-start won’t break the bank. We are available any time of day or night and will come directly to you quickly to get back on your way. Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote!