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Salt Lake City, Utah

Our Tow Truck Services

Roadside assistance for any motorist comes recommended with the purchase of a new or used vehicle, why? Because accidents do happen. Whether you think it will happen to you or not, roadside assistance saves car owners time and money. Our roadside assistance services vary and can cater to any of your needs. We have been serving the Salt Lake City area for well over a decade and we have no plans on stopping! We offer our clients:

Towing services
Fuel Delivery
Tire Change
Battery Jump-start

Salt Lake City, Utah

Benefits of Using Roadside Assistance

Don’t try to get out of everything alone because you don’t have to! We offer professional assistance during any dilemma you may face on the road. As a company, we are dedicated to assisting all of our clients with the best roadside services in the Salt Lake City area.

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When you have a roadside assistance company handy the convenience that comes with that cannot be explained. In case of emergencies, our team is there as a first aid kit for our clients. You don’t have to be stuck on the side of the road alone trying to find a way home! We offer a service that is never underappreciated when it concerns your car.

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Cost Opportunities

Be a part of a roadside assistance program with our company to reduce immediate costs. Don’t wait until something goes wrong and you’re on the side of the road needing assistance. Save money by already having a file with us! Whether it is a flat tire, low fuel, or an accident, we can help with anything.

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No one ever thinks it is going to happen to them. Being locked out of your car, being hit by another vehicle, or even as simple as running out of gas. Consider your commute home or to work! Don’t wait until something goes wrong to consider having a backup plan.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Roadside Assistance in Salt Lake City

Professional, Affordable, & Reliable

Our professionals will ensure you have everything you need and more. Don’t wait to establish a profile with us, call now to learn about all of our services.

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Tire Change

Whenever you’re driving down the interstate, down a bumpy road, or even in your neighborhood, anything can happen. A flat tire happens quickly and without warning so have a phone number on speed dial that can be at your side quickly. Call us, let us know where you are, and we will come to change your flat. Don’t stand outside in the dark, don’t stand alone, and don’t hesitate to call.

Fuel Delivery

Running out of fuel happens much more often than people realize, and you should have a plan for the possibility of it happening to you. Our roadside assistance services will deliver your fuel right to you to get you back out on the road in no time. This is easier and much safer than having to walk to a nearby gas station and fill up a gallon to carry back to your car! Our technician will be able to assist you properly while keeping you safe.


Battery Jump Start

A dead battery can be a terrible experience for anyone! Whether it dies and you’re stuck on the side of the road or you go out to your car and it won’t turn on, both situations can be extremely stressful. Our team will come to you, whether it is on the side of the road, or outside of your work, and we will jumpstart your battery to get you where you need to go.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Tow Truck Salt Lake City Services

Having a towing company on speed dial has to do with so much more than most people realize! We are not simply called when you need your vehicle towed, we are called when your vehicle is unmovable for any reason. Having a professional come help you in the dark, early mornings, or the middle of the day can keep you safe and off of the road. Don’t get out on your own, on a busy road, to change your tire, don’t get out to walk to the gas station for fuel, and don’t leave your car on the side of the road if its battery dies. All of the aforementioned scenarios can be fixed and avoided by calling our roadside assistance line. Call now to learn more.

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Lock-out Services

 It can be rare but locking yourself out of your car can ruin the start or end of any day! Rather than taking a crowbar to your car, breaking a window, or trying to convince yourself that you didn’t lock your keys in your car, call us. We will send a representative with the proper tools, that will not ruin your car and safely open your vehicle.

    Towing Services

    Accidents happen that will require a complete tow to the destination of your choice. After an accident, or a vehicle stuck in sand, snow, or mud, we will be there to help safely retrieve your vehicle. Whatever the situation, we are the best company to call and be there for you! We offer affordable rates and reliable responses.

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    Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

    Don’t trust just anyone with your vehicle on a tow truck! Our technicians are prepared for everything because they’re properly qualified.

    Highly Trained

    Our professionals are highly trained to handle any situation that may arise with proper tools and equipment.

    A+ ratings

    Our customer service team is incredible and will always see every project through until the end. We will make you feel safe, secure, and heard.

    Certified Services

    We have the best trucks, professionals, and equipment to take good care of your vehicle.

    Why Us?

    Salt Lake City, Utah

    We have been servicing Salt Lake City for over a decade and we have no plans to stop. As a company, we offer low rates, professional services, and experienced technicians. Be properly prepared for any situation that arises by having our tow company on speed dial.