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Residents of West Jordan have access to our exceptional towing services near Salt Lake City. Our company is licensed, insured, and bonded in the state of Utah. We work closely with customers to ensure the safety of their vehicles and to assist in emergency roadside situations. In fact, if you need help immediately, call us with your towing details and location along with the closest cross streets. We offer several tow truck services depending on your vehicle and your unique situation. We encourage you to read more below about our service so we can better serve you.

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    Towing Services for West Jordan

    Our customers find themselves in all kinds of predicaments that require a tow. We offer support for weather-related trouble, mechanical problems, or emergency circumstances. Read more about these solutions below.

    Emergency Towing

    Our emergency services will help you when you’ve been in an accident and need immediate help. An accident can be a nerve-rattling event, and it’s our job to be a point of clarity in your recovery plan. If you’re unable to move your car, we can come to you and tow your vehicle to your desired location. We can also take a totaled vehicle, wrecker services, to the proper receiving yard for processing. We know that you will have a lot of tasks on your plate after an accident, so we communicate clearly through the process, so you know exactly where your car is, and that it arrives there securely. We will even work with law enforcement if you are unsure about how to handle this situation. We are a 24-hours a day service, 7-days a week.

    Mechanical Trouble

    Almost everyone who drives will experience some sort of mechanical trouble in their lifetime. When that moment hits, we want to be the trusted partner in helping you get the support you need. As a certified and insured towing company, we will recover your vehicle and take it to your preferred repair shop. It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you might need help with; we have the right equipment for the job. You could have an F350 or a smaller motorcycle; it doesn’t matter the vehicle, we will get you taken care of. To start this towing solution, make sure you have the following details so we can send the right team: The type of car or truck we will need to tow. Your location and the position of the vehicle; in a garage, outside in a driveway, etc. And finally, where you would like us to take your car, truck, bus, or motorcycle. This will help us give you the most accurate quote.

    Weather-Related Towing

    We have recovered plenty of vehicles that have found snow berms, ditches, or simply can’t make it home due to weather. We live in Salt Lake City after all, and the weather can get the best of anyone. Our customers have called us when they have slid off the road and simply need help getting all 4-tires back on the highway. Others have been stranded due to blizzard conditions. We can also help if you’re stuck out in poor conditions heading home from an area ski resort. Regardless of your weather-related predicament, we are here to ensure your personal safety and the security of your car.
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    If you’re in a less then great situation with your vehicle, please don’t hesitate to call us. We will retrieve the information we need to get you a quote quickly and get you the help that you need fast.

    Classic Car Towing

    For our car enthusiasts, we also offer classic car moving if needed. Have you just bought a classic? Need to get your car to a nearby car show and don’t want the extra miles on it? Maybe, you’re finally ready to have some mechanical work done, so you can start enjoying it. We love classic and vintage vehicles and can help you get yours to your desired location. Gather the details of your vehicle and give us a call. We are licensed, insured, and bonded with an excellent record. Our first priority is to ensure we know everything about your classic car, so it arrives on location safely and securely.

    Motorcycle Towing

    Is your bike acting a little finicky and needs to get to the shop? Maybe you’ve decided to sell and need help to deliver it to a new owner nearby. We can assist with motorcycle hauling with our professional crews and equipment. Our teams are set up to handle all kinds of motorcycle towing situations. We understand that motorcycle towing is different than towing a car or truck, which means we take complete care of your bike while we are towing it. Make sure you alert the shop or owner that will be receiving your bike so we can make this a seamless towing experience.
    Fuel Delivery

    Specialty Vehicles

    We have the proper equipment to handle specialty cars, trucks, and other vehicles. This might include electric vehicles, some RV’s, off-road vehicles, passenger vans, limousines, Sprinters, Golf Carts, and the like. Our goal is to ensure locals, or tourists passing through, are covered no matter what they are driving. It’s important to us that clients driving unusual or unique modes of transportation get the towing service they may need too. If we haven’t listed or talked about your specific type of moveable transportation, please call us today.
    West Jordan Towing Team

    Working with Us

    We are confident in saying we are one of the best tow truck services in the greater Salt Lake City Area. West Jordan residents can count on our towing or wrecker towing services any day of the week. Our team is qualified to handle whatever you can give them.

    • Certified, insured, bonded towing services in Utah. Work with professionals who understand the gravity of their work and the value of your investment.
    • Qualified and trained team to handle non-emergency and emergency towing. We are fast and affordable with a great safety record.
    • 24-hours a day and 7-days a week towing company in West Jordan. We have someone standing by to help locals and those passing through, at all hours.
    • Experience in various tow truck scenarios including basic roadside assistance and complicated car accident recovery.
    • We partner with local businesses and law enforcement when needed. Trust us to support your business towing needs.

    Business Towing Services

    Business owners already have a lot going on. The last thing they need is driver parking illegally at their businesses. Apartment management and HOA’s that have drivers not following parking ordinances can call us for support as well. We serve West Jordan businesses with towing services so they can please customers or residents. We work quickly and discretely to ensure as little conflict as possible. We will have the car towed to whatever location is necessary, or we’ll work with law enforcement to take the car or truck to the impound lot.

    Law Enforcement Towing Services

    We work with law enforcement in a variety of ways. At times, we are called to help with accident support, to either recover vehicles or impound illegally operating vehicles. We can also support law enforcement needs at events when motorists aren’t obeying posted parking signs. Illegally-parked, or unauthorized parked vehicles, can cause serious traffic jams for law enforcement or even place people or other vehicles in harm’s way. We are here to be a partner for police, sheriff, parks and rec, and other civic or government agencies as needed.

    Licensed, Bonded, Insured

    Your vehicle is an investment, trust the team that is prepared to tow your vehicle legally.

    Exceptional Service

    The safety of you and your vehicle are important to us.

    Qualified Towing Crews

    We hire experienced operators for client confidence.

    Business Partners

    Ensure our business community can operate and function successfully every day.
    Working With Our Tow Truck Company

    West Jordan, Utah

    Motorists should be aware that hiring a tow truck company will be a troubling experience if they don’t research who they are hiring. We will never charge you hidden fees. We will clearly define our fees in our quotes and welcome any questions you may have about what we charge. We are an experienced company, so your car isn’t damaged in the towing process. And finally, we will always work to get you towed as soon as possible and don’t give you allusive times of arrival. We don’t want you stranded in a dangerous situation. These are just a few reasons we would love to work with you.