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The Salt Lake City suburb of Riverton now has a dedicated company to turn to for towing and wrecking services. Over the years, we have worked to establish our company as a leader for safety. Our company identifies with the investments their customers make in their vehicles. We aim to be a partner for the care of your car or truck and to be the team you know and trust. Below, you’ll find some details about the types of services we offer, both emergency and no emergency options. If you need immediate assistance, we urge you to use the number below so we can arrange a truck to help you right now. We have operators and crews standing by to assist.

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    Most Requested Towing Services

    Helping Riverton Residents Feel Safer

    When you’re stranded on the side of a highway, we know you need help fast. We have operators ready to handle any of the following scenarios. Here are our most requested services.

    Weather-Related Towing Services

    Utah is a destination for winter enthusiasts. We have some of the best National Parks and ski areas in the west! While we love to ski, sled, snowboard, or snowmobile right alongside you, we also know that winter weather is a recipe for car trouble. If it’s not the icy roads that get the best of your car, it’s the cold temperatures that lead to mechanical issues. Our Riverton towing service can assist your non-emergency towing needs and help you get back on the road. As long as no one is hurt, we will come to help pull you out of snow berms, embankments, ditches, or the like. If your car seems fine but is stuck, we can help. If you’re not sure what’s wrong and your car won’t start, we can tow you to an auto repair shop. You just let us know what your situation is, and we will get to work.

    Accident-Related Towing Assistance

    A car accident will turn your day upsidedown in a flash. It’s one of the most frustrating situations to find yourself in. If you’re involved in some kind of collision, our crews are ready to get you and your car to safety. If your accident requires law enforcement, we will wait until the car is released from the scene. If the accident was minor, and only involved your vehicle, we will load your vehicle quickly, so you don’t endure more damages. We can get your car back to your residence or take it to an auto repair shop or dealership if need be. Also, be sure to let us know what kind of vehicle you’re driving and find out the closest cross streets. That way, we get to you faster with the right equipment and crew.

    Emergency Roadside Assistance

    If your car is experiencing mechanical problems on the side of the road, we are ready to expedite a team your way. We offer emergency services for those who are in dangerous situations or have been in more serious accidents. We can come to your roadside location to help move your car to a safe area, back to your home, or to a repair shop. We also assist when motorists are involved in more critical accidents, and we need to work with law enforcement. This might include a wrecker truck if the vehicle has been totaled. There are a few different places we can take your vehicle in this situation and will work with you, your family, or the onsite officer to get it to the right place.
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    Get Help at Your Business

    Our business community will often find themselves in sticky positions regarding parking violators. We support these businesses with various towing options. Motorists will often ignore parking signs which can be a hassle for business owners who are trying to serve their customers. We will work with you to get cars towed quickly and with as little conflict as possible for those in violation. If you feel the situation has the potential for escalation, we encourage you to call non-emergency law enforcement to assist with the parking problem.

    We Are Ready to Help Officers

    Speaking of law enforcement, we can help these community partners too. Our officers, sheriffs, and parks and recreation enforcement all have tough jobs, and we are here to back them up and do our part. We can help them at event sites, concerts, festivals, car accidents, crime scenes, and other locations as needed. We will tow vehicles that may be blocking access, move cars that are violating ordinances, or remove vehicles where motorists are ignoring law enforcement requests.

    Civic Duties

    Our government agencies also need our support from time to time. We can assist city, county, and state officials with having cars removed. We will work with law enforcement to take them to impound lots or have them moved to a secure location for processing. We can do this with schools, churches, and other major parking areas such as apartments and Homeowner’s Associations. Drivers who violate posted signs or chose to ignore them can bring a community down or negatively impact a neighborhood. On our watch, we work with the right officials to ensure neighborhoods are safe and free of violators.
    Our Riverton Tow Truck Team

    Work with the Best

    We believe our tow truck company is one of the best in the greater Salt Lake City area. We say this with confidence since we know the lengths we go to assist our fellow residents. Our company is chock-full of professional crews who know towing. We are also equipped with state of the art machinery that ensures your vehicle is safe and secure while being towed. Here are some added benefits of working with us:

    • Licensed, insured, and bonded for the highest quality towing service in Riverton.
    • Most affordable towing fees around for the service we offer. We make this as easy as possible on your wallet.
    • Work to get you towed as quickly as possible without sacrificing the safety of your car or truck.
    • Open 24 hours a day, 7-days a week, to serve the Riverton community.
    • Helpful and communicative staff to help you through challenging circumstances during your tow.

    Motorcycle Towing

    If you need a motorcycle tow, you’ve come to the right place. We have crews who do this regularly and also the right trucks to transport bikes. Motorcycles are awkward to move on your own. They are heavy, and when they fall over, it’s not pretty. Don’t let the situation stress you out. Let us tow you to the right place. We can take your bike to a local repair shop, or have it moved to its new owner if you’re selling. We are also equipped to help tow your bike in the unfortunate situation of an accident.

    Classic Car Towing

    Car enthusiasts work hard to preserve their cars. Some will go to great lengths, in fact, to make sure the miles stay extra low. That is where we come in. We can transport your car to car shows or to and from storage if need be. We are also ready to move your classic to a repair shop in the event something has gone wrong mechanically. Classic car towing is tricky, and we are licensed and insured, which gives our customers peace of mind while their pride and joy, is in transport. Let us know if we can help you with your vintage car tow.

    Legal Towing Service

    Work with our licensed, insured, and bonded company for the best service in town.

    Professional Crew and Staff

    Our staff are great to work with and are focused. Equally, our crews are skilled professionals that you’ll truly appreciate.

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    24/7 Towing

    Emergencies, accidents, and parking nightmares happen at all hours of the day, any day of the week.
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    We tow all kinds of motorized vehicles. This includes campers, RV’s, vans, Sprinters, recreational vehicles, golf carts, and any other modes of transportation you can think of. Our goal is to become the go-to towing partner of our fellow neighbors. We want to be the team you know and trust when your car is hanging in the balance of a tough situation. If you have any questions, we invite you to connect with us to discuss your tow, our fees, or to get you a quote.