How to Prepare for a Winter Roadside Emergency

How to Prepare for a Winter Roadside Emergency

Aug 5, 2020 | Tips & Tricks

When you have to go out during winter weather conditions, you should proceed with caution. The roads may be slippery, even when they look clear, and the snow can pile up quickly.

Roadside emergencies can happen in any type of weather, but they’re far more common and dangerous in the winter. Below, we’ll cover some tips on how to prepare for a winter roadside emergency.


Build a Survival Kit

Building a survival kit to keep in your vehicle is critical for winter weather, and can be beneficial during the rest of the year too! You should keep items such as one to two blankets, a small shovel, an ice scraper, a flashlight, batteries, ice melt or cat litter, emergency flares, a cell phone car charger, non-perishable snack foods, a first aid kit, jumper cables, and extra socks.

You can change up the items in your kit to suit your family’s specific needs, but never leave out the essentials. Drinking water is an excellent idea to keep as well, but it can freeze in your car. If you keep water in your kit, you can place it on the defrost vent to thaw it.

This kit will help you and your passengers survive while you wait for help to arrive. Depending on the roads’ condition, you have no way of knowing for sure how long you might be waiting.


Keep Your Gas Tank Full

Running out of gas isn’t something you want to deal with at any time of the year. However, it can be a dangerous situation during freezing cold temperatures. If you run out of gas and have to wait for roadside assistance, you could be waiting in the cold for an extended time.

With that in mind, you should keep your gas tank full as often as possible and frequently check on your fuel level. If you’re unsure whether or not you can get to your destination with the fuel in your tank, stop and fill it up before it’s too late.


Warn Other Drivers with Reflective Devices

It’s always smart to keep some reflective flags in your car. If you’re broken down for an extended time period, any flares that you set out will have burnt out. You can attach a reflective flag to your car, so anyone that comes by can see your flag. Reflective road triangles are also helpful and should be placed a few hundred feet behind your vehicle, so other drivers can see them before they reach your car. These reflective devices will ensure that drivers will have time to slow down and lets them know that you’re in trouble.


Call for Assistance Immediately

In a winter weather breakdown, time is a valuable resource. You should keep a reliable winter weather towing company’s number accessible in your vehicle. Don’t wait to call for help, call someone immediately! Saving time is a must, and if the towing company is already busy, it may take some time to get to you. The sooner you call for help, the sooner you’ll get help.